Hope! Dignity! possibilities!

From John Howard, President of Saint Basil Coffee

Hope! Dignity! Possibilities! With your tremendous support, this is what Saint Basil Coffee, brings to our sisters, brothers and families served by our Partner Missions.

Through your purchases and donations to Saint Basil Coffee, we have given nearly $640,000 to our Partner Missions. You have heard it many times, but it is worth repeating. 

“You are enabling our Partner Missions to provide those they serve the essentials – education and job skills training together with humanitarian assistance – to lift themselves out of poverty and onto a path to a better life.”

In the coming weeks, we will share stories from our sisters and brothers – young and old – served by our Partner Missions. Through their words, you will come to know more fully the positive impact – the difference – you are helping to make in their lives.

We can, and should, feel good about past good works. We are blessed to be able to do God’s work – to be Jesus’s helping hands on earth. But we cannot linger on the past or even today. We are asked, even challenged – to be the “hands of Jesus” tomorrow, the next day and the next….

With your continued support – we can make that happen!!

Hope! Dignity! Possibilities!

You truly help to make a difference!!

With Gratitude.

Saint Basil Coffee