Colombian Mission Works to Spread Hope and Dignity

Hope and dignity of the human person are inviolable rights and are the fundamental tenets of our Basilian partner mission in Medellín, Colombia 

“Thanks to the generosity of the benefactors of St. Basil’s Coffee, we have achieved the impossible in such a strong and difficult time as the one we are going through due to COVID-19 and we say that it is a miracle, and the presence of God has been with us,” Fr. Oscar Fernando Gómez Soto, said. 

Our contributions have enabled the San Basilio parish to provide much needed services to the community. A low cost/free internet center has allowed around 250 students to partake in online education amidst the ongoing pandemic, and has been a gift especially for those who may not have access to internet or a computer in their home. 

The parish also runs three different projects that provide medical care, food, and employment opportunities in the community, with the support of Saint Basil Coffee donations. These three projects include the San Basilio Medical Center, the Teresita Ramirez Dining Room and the Confessions workshop, and have benefitted over 320 families. 

“The medical center and the pharmacy provide health services at low cost and sometimes free of charge to the children, youth and families of the sector,” Fr. Oscar said. 

Children and elderly are guaranteed a well rounded meal in the Teresita Ramirez Dining Room and the Confessions workshop helps empower women heads of households by giving them valuable work skills leading to employment. 

Most recently, a music school for youth opened in the parish with over 80 boys and girls enrolled. Fr. Oscar said this has allowed for the children to “wield musical instruments and not weapons.” The San Basilio art workshop also does its part of keeping teens off the streets and out of gangs by giving them an artistic outlet. 

These amazing programs to the community are done with your help. Your purchases and donations empower us to answer the call to social justice in areas of the world that are most in need. 

“We can only say thank you Saint Basil’s Coffee and we are still hoping for your support for the good of our people, without your help and support it would be very difficult to continue,” Fr. Oscar said. 

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