Making An Impact

Making a Difference

Missions we support

Since 2005, Saint Basil Coffee has contributed more than six-hundred twenty-five thousand dollars to missions that serve those most in need. We hope to grow our contribution amount and reach more people in need of our help. The power of your purchase or donation is exponentially compounded when given to the missions we support.

The missions we support have all demonstrated a clear purpose that aims to promote social justice and have also demonstrated financial need.

Volunteers Selling Coffee
Dentist and young girl
People waiting in line for food in Medellin, Colombia


Kisumu, Kenya

OLG is a residential school for grades K-8 that serves nearly 200 orphaned and vulnerable children and provides them a quality education. The school was founded in 2008, responding to the political unrest and tribal violence in the region. The tension of their surroundings and the high rates of HIV/AIDS made traveling to school an unsafe endeavor for the children.


Medellin, Colombia

The dental clinic serves the poor in Medellin by providing quality free or affordable oral care. Donations made by Saint Basil Coffee have helped purchase dental equipment and supplies so that the clinic can continue to do its work for the neighborhood.


Kisumu, Kenya

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we supported the humanitarian assistance program in Medellin, Colombia, responding to escalating need for food.



Medellin, Colombia

In Medellin, the Basilian Fathers established a project to provide job skills training. Donations from Saint Basil Coffee helped purchase much needed equipment for the project’s computer science and carpentry job training program.

Volunteers Selling Coffee


Cali, Colombia

The political and social unrest in Colombia’s neighbor, Venezuela, has caused a large influx of immigrants. A soup kitchen was established in Cali, Colombia, to provide assistance to the refugees.

Spiritan Seminary in Nigeria



Saint Basil Coffee recently supported The Spiritan Foundation for chapel repairs at the Spiritan seminary in Nigeria. With your support, we hope to do more to benefit Spiritan missions serving children and their families most in need through education and job skills training this year.


Other projects we have supported

  • In 2020, we donated $8,400 to the Basilian Fathers’ mission in Cali, Colombia, for the INSA school, located in one of the poorest barrios in Cali, and the humanitarian assistance program, which experienced great need due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Supported the Basilian Fathers mission project (Loaves and Fishes) in Bogota, Colombia, feeding the children and the elderly.
  • Purchased a large generator for a rural Dominican school for girls in Kenya.
  • Installed a mill in a school for girls in Arusha, Tanzania, operated by the Sisters of our Lady of Kilimanjaro. The mill hulls and grinds maize for food at the school and for sale to provide income for the school.
  • Provided funds to build a clean sanitation and drinking water system for a Congregation of the Holy Spirit rural boys facility in Uganda.
  • Purchased a commercial-size refrigerator for an orphanage in Mexico. Without proper refrigeration, food had been spoiling.
  • Provided funds for housing of the survivors of a devastating hurricane that caused widespread destruction in Haiti.
  • Funded a Basilian mission, St. Vincent de Paul program in Cali, Colombia, to provide support and assistance for those in need.
  • Purchased a 4WD vehicle for St. Joseph’s Nyamirama Parish in Kabale, Uganda. The parish is remote, and roads are not well paved, requiring the need of a 4WD capable vehicle.
  • Provided funds to help operate a Catholic (Basilian mission) soup kitchen in Cali, serving several thousand people.
  • Provided funds to the University of St. Thomas (A Basilian University) student Social Entrepreneurship Program for projects in the Yucatan to support Mayan woman and Tanzanian woman.
  • Provided funds to the Father John Robbins Bourse Scholarship for St. Anne Catholic School in Houston, Texas. The Bourse Scholarship enables the school to offer tuition assistance to diverse families with financial need.
  • Provided funds to Fr. Joachim Lally, CSP, to construct housing for impoverished families in the Dominican Republic.
  • Funded a Basilian youth project in Tagana, Santa Marta, Colombia.
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