Industrial sewing workshop empowers local community

Have you ever given thought to how your clothes are made? Or to the people who spend their days making them? Our Partner Mission in Medellín, Colombia, offers a training program for the community to teach skills in industrial sewing. At the completion of the program, trainees are almost always assured of a work position and a fair wage. By the end of 2021, the program was able to report almost 100 graduates from the program. That’s almost 100 people who are now able to provide for their families, give back to their communities, and most importantly, break the cycle of poverty. 

The program trains anyone, but mainly it attracts women, and even then single mothers are often drawn to the opportunity. The industrial sewing workshop allows trainees to be a part of the labor force. 

“In an agreement with SENA (National Training Service) … has responded to this need and initiated our training center that has been well received by the people of the parish area, who have taken advantage of the training with their enthusiasm and dedication,” Father Oscar, Head of the San Basilio Parish, said. 

Trainees are given the course in two phases, first, they learn about the sewing machines and how to use the tools, then they are able to practice different techniques. At the completion of the program, each trainee receives a certificate of completion and a job opportunity with one of many SENA-partnered companies. From start to finish, the program lasts about three months, meaning trainees won’t have to sacrifice too much time before they are able to start earning a living wage with their newly acquired skills. 

Sometimes, those who do not go on to work in a SENA partner company, are able to establish their own business selling garments. This helps strengthen the sense of community and promotes a system of reciprocal support amongst its members. The program also helps keep its trainees away from falling into prostitution, organized crime, or other illegal ventures by teaching them an honest and safe way to earn a living. 

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