Sharing Knowledge, Spreading Hope

Our partner mission in Medellín, Colombia, the San Basilio Parish, offers many different workshops to uplift community members and help give them the tools they need to build a better life. Thanks to your support, we have been able to help with these efforts and have been a part of making a real difference in everyday lives. The programs ultimately have a positive impact on people throughout all walks of life, from children to adolescents, to the elderly. 

Basilnet, the internet cafe, is helping close knowledge gaps by sharing technology literacy. Adults are able to acquire helpful skills in the management of computer resources, which helps them manage their everyday life. It has also made information easily accessible, and allowed those in need to develop important tasks, to learn about legal procedures, health procedures and more, and has reopened lines of communication from community members to people around the world. This is one of many resources San Basilio provides to help empower those in need. 

The Macrina Clothing workshop aims to empower women. Most who enroll in the workshop are heads of households who may have been displaced, abandoned or may not have the ability to earn an income to support their day to day life or their families. After a potential student registers for free, a pre-selection process run by National Training Service goes through the applicants and looks for students who demonstrate a sense of dedication and will complete the industrial sewing training program in its entirety. The course lasts for three months, and workshop hours are typically from 7am-4pm. These courses are also supplemented by spiritual, academic, athletic and psychological programs, and occasionally enhanced with nutritional support.  

Students can also receive monetary assistance from the National Training Service as an incentive to complete their courses. At the end of training, most if not all students are gainfully employed and are able to support their families. The contributions from our supporters helps keep the sewing machines in good working order, purchase school supplies, provide food, and helps purchase spare parts. 

There are still more resources provided by the San Basilio parish, which we are eager to share with you all. In the meantime, feel free to follow us on Facebook and make a purchase or donation on our website today so we can continue to make these opportunities accessible to those in need. 

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