Your Impact: Workshops in Medellín

In the mountainous region of Colombia lies the city of Medellín. Known for its coffee production and beautiful temperate climate, the city also houses some of the poorest neighborhoods in Colombia. Among these neighborhoods operates one of our partner missions in the parish of San Basilio.  

“Many of the people in the neighborhood rely on our parish’s various ministries for a daily meal, for medical and dental services, and to learn how to make it on their own,” Fr. John Huber said. 

Saint Basil Coffee, through it’s donations to this mission, has helped fund workshops that provide training programs to community members. These rigorous programs equip women and men with valuable skills in woodworking or commercial/industrial sewing. After completing one of the supervised training courses, many go on to find gainful employment that allows them to provide for their families. 

Our partner mission does not only provide job skills, but also a sense of community, bringing people together to praise and worship God despite their personal circumstances. 

“Perhaps they have a wealth that we often lack – not financial wealth, but a love of God and of life and an appreciation for one another that all of us could learn from.” Fr. Huber said. 

Buy or donate today, and join us in making a difference to those in need. 

Saint Basil Coffee