Saint Basil Coffee Has a New Look!

For 16 years you’ve known us by our logo of a little church on a hill—a beacon of hope for Basilian missions. As we continue to evolve and do more for those in need, we want Saint Basil Coffee to reach more people! So you’ll be seeing a new look from us soon.

Our mission remains the same: We believe coffee can make a difference to help lift themselves out of poverty

  • We are still an all-volunteer nonprofit
  • We still give 100% of the proceeds from the sale of coffee to people in need
  • We still work to help people rise out of poverty in the spirit of social justice by buying fair-trade and direct-trade coffee
  • We still provide some of the freshest coffee available

Our new logo and branding reflect:

  • Our coffee is from the earth, grown through human hands
  • Holy hands give and receive
  • Our coffee helps lift people out of poverty

Get a sneak peek of our new packaging.

The front label features the coffee flavor and will be printed with the grind.
Saint Basil Coffee Back Label
The back label tells the story of the mission of Saint Basil Coffee

Our website features the new logo, and new packaging rolls out next week! We appreciate your support as we work to put Saint Basil Coffee in the hands of more coffee lovers, and proceeds in the hands of more missions.

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Brenda Cooper

Saint Basil Coffee