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Saint Basil coffee beans come from Colombia which has over 2.7 billion productive coffee trees. Our botanical species of beans is organic Arabica which has a very robust aroma, medium to low acidity, walnut and berry notes. Fair trade* coffee beans are purchased from small farms located in the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia. More than 300 coffee grower families from the Sierra Nevada region have joined together to offer this amazing coffee.

The coffee beans are grown at altitudes between 3,500 to 4,500 feet in shade or semi-shade under banana trees and are hand picked. All beans are shipped to Houston, Texas where we apply our highest standard of excellence in the roasting process. They are then packaged and shipped throughout the United States. All coffee sold in Canada is roasted, packaged and shipped from Windsor, Ontario.

*Fair trade coffee beans are purchased at higher than world market prices to help small farmers save their farms and provide for their families.

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