Saint Basil Coffee, much like our supporters, has been impacted by the rising rate of inflation. This, as well as the lingering effects of natural disasters that disrupted coffee bean production, have driven up our costs for coffee beans and processing.

We have traditionally sold our coffee in one-pound (16 oz.) packages. To continue to do so and cover increased costs while sustaining our level of financial support to our partner missions, we would need to substantially increase our price for a one-pound package. We believe this may be prohibitive to some.

Thus, we have decided to go to a 12 oz. package at a price of $12.00 per package. This change will be effective May 1, 2022.

We will continue to use fair trade, top quality, organic, arabica coffee beans grown in the mountains of Colombia. And we will continue to have some of the freshest coffee. Our coffee is fresh roasted and packaged only after a customer has placed an order.

“But, it’s not just about the coffee, it’s about helping our sisters and brothers most in need!”

Our mission has been to work with and provide financial support to partner missions who provide education to underserved children, job skills training to unskilled adults, and humanitarian assistance to families most in need. We believe these to be the essentials to enable a person to lift themself out of poverty. We remain fully committed to our mission. 

As we have since our founding, we give all the proceeds from the sale of Saint Basil coffee and donations to our partner missions. And, as we have no paid employees, we have more proceeds to give.

“Thank You” for your ongoing purchases of Saint Basil coffee and donations. You truly are helping to “Make a Difference” in the lives of so many others!


John Howard
President, Board of Directors
Saint Basil Coffee
Phone: 1-800-491-9319
Email: [email protected]

A cup of Saint Basil coffee does make a difference!!

Saint Basil Coffee