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Following the celebration on Christmas of the wonder of the birth of Jesus, the focus this weekend is on the Holy Family.

As Christians, we believe we are part of one body—we are connected with people all around the world as members of a human family. Saint Basil Coffee works to provide tools (education, job skills training and humanitarian assistance) to help people in need lift themselves out of poverty. Here are some families who are helped through our support.

Soup Kitchen in Cali, Colombia
A family of Venezuelan refugees receives meals from a soup kitchen operated by Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church in Cali, Colombia. Escaping the political unrest of their home country, families like this one have come to depend on this outreach program, which provides meals to 500 families a day.

Making Crosses

At the Parish of St. Basil in Medellin, Colombia, job skills training enables parents to support their families and young people to get off the streets and away from the drug trade and prostitution. This young man, who is learning woodworking, is making beautiful handmade wooden crosses that are available through Saint Basil Coffee pop-up sales.

Family in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Sister Jane Meyer with Our Lady of Grace Students
For orphan students at Our Lady of Grace School in Kisumu, Kenya, the faculty and staff have become their family. Saint Basil Coffee provides support for textbooks, shoes, new classroom floors and kitchen equipment. The school takes in only the most disenfranchised children of the area. But still, Our Lady of Grace is ranked the No. 2 school in the region.

For those of us with loved ones nearby, with jobs to provide for our families, with means so as not to wonder where the next meal will come from, we have so much to be grateful for. With your purchase of Saint Basil coffee and/or modest donation to Saint Basil Coffee, which helps support these Catholic missions, we can make a tangible difference for families in great need.

Make a gift in honor of families with a donation to Saint Basil Coffee today.

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