San Basilio’s skills workshop gives youth a new outlook on life

The Workshop in the San Basilio parish in Medellin, Colombia – one of our partner missions – provides the youth in the community a chance at life. Teaching valuable and employable skills, this workshop provides an opportunity to its students that takes them off the streets, away from a life of crime, and enables them to get onto a path to a better life. 

By emphasizing the value of the strength of a community, students are encouraged to create a dialogue with one another and help uplift each other even through trying times. Imagine you are raised in an environment where your options for progress were bleak or non-existent. The Workshop at the San Basilio Parish offers a reprieve and hope to those who may have otherwise been without it. Many of the students of this Workshop are trying to stay away from or have been impacted by local violence. The training, life skills, and guidance provided by the Workshop help them break a cycle they’ve become all too familiar with. 

Something as simple as having structure and daily tasks can help provide purpose in the lives of the community’s youth and offers a tremendous educational opportunity not only to learn employable skills but also to learn social values. The Workshop also helps to promote local initiatives. By producing small, handmade goods the students are not only honing their skills but are also earning money from the sale of their goods. This ultimately helps promote a better lifestyle, one that strengthens the culture of the community.

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