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Save 5% and save time on your coffee orders by subscribing to our delicious coffee!


What are the subscription services?

You can subscribe to automatic monthly coffee shipments sent to your home or office, so you can have a second cup, without a second thought, at the same time each month.

Customers receive a 5% discount, reflected in the subscription price. Autoship subscriptions will continue monthly until the subscription is cancelled, with a minimum term of three months.

Coffee subscriptions autoship monthly on the date of the original order. For example, if you order a subscription on October 5, that order will be shipped when received, and your next order will be automatically shipped on the first business day following November 5, then monthly thereafter until you wish to no longer receive automatic shipments and cancel your subscription.

How do I subscribe?

  1. Visit the Subscribe page:
  2. Navigate to the flavor of coffee you want to order
  3. Select your options for grind and caffeination
  4. Select the quantity
  5. Click “Sign Up Now”

If you want multiple flavors or grinds shipped monthly:

  1. Choose the first subscription flavor as above and click “Sign Up Now”
  2. Return to the Subscribe page to make your next selection
  3. Complete the options for grind, caffeination and quantity
  4. Click “Sign Up Now” to add the second choice to the cart.
  5. Repeat until you have added all the flavors and types that you want.
  6. Once you checkout, your subscription will include all selections of coffee shipped monthly.

For example, to order 3 pounds of Colombian Supremo regular espresso grind and 2 pounds of Southern Pecan decaf whole bean, first select the monthly subscription product for Colombian Supremo, and add it to the cart. Then navigate to the monthly subscription product for Southern Pecan decaf; select your options and add it to the cart. Once you check out, both flavors will be included in your subscription.

An account is required for subscriptions
Returning customers will be prompted to login to their account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one during checkout. You can cancel subscriptions through your account.

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How do I cancel?

Cancel your subscription at any time after three shipments. Login to your account to manage your subscription, and select Cancel. Cancelling subscriptions only applies to future shipments that have not been charged or shipped that month.

If I cancel, can I subscribe again?

Absolutely! We love our customers, and your continued support allows us to continue to fund missions abroad. If at any point you would like to resume your subscription, make your selections as a new order from the Subscribe page, and we’ll start sending you fresh coffee right away.

How do I modify my subscription?

Unfortunately, customers cannot modify subscriptions through their account.

You may cancel and create a new subscription through your account.

However, to modify your subscription quantities or flavors, please contact us at or call 1-800-491-9319.

I need to place a special subscription order. Can you help?

Whether it’s for home or office, with a large quantity or just lots of special options, we are happy to setup a custom subscription order for you. Please contact us at or call 1-800-491-9319.

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