Stories from the children of olg vol 2.: Gordon and Saida

The stories you are about to read were collected from our partner mission Our Lady of Grace School in Kisumu, Kenya. These are the authentic thoughts and feelings of the students positively impacted by your support. Thank you!

My name is Gordon, I’m in grade two I am the 5th born in our family I came to Our Lady of Grace School in 2021

Both my parents are alive, but my dad cannot walk because he was attacked and hurt so badly due to land disputes.  

The people who attacked us burned our house down. A good Samaritan gave us a small house on his farm and that is where we now live 

I love being at our Lady of Grace School. We eat chicken, beans, and rice. These are foods we cannot eat at home because we cannot afford them. Maybe during Christmas

I want to be a lawyer one day. I want to buy a big house and to help other children. 

My name is Saida. I am in grade six.  My brother and I joined OLGS in Nursery School

I live with my uncle and his family. When I joined the School 9 years ago I was with my brother Hussein. One School holiday he became sick and in three days he died of Malaria after three years my grandmother whom we were living with also died.

It was very painful that is why now I live with my uncle. I am happy while I am at school. 

I want to be a doctor one day. I love singing and reading stories.  I am doing well academically and I believe I will be a doctor.

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