STORIES FROM THE CHILDREN OF OLG VOL. 3: Belinda, Lordfick and Griffin

The stories you are about to read were collected from our partner mission Our Lady of Grace School in Kisumu, Kenya. These are the authentic thoughts and feelings of the students positively impacted by your support. Thank you!

I’m Belinda, I’m 14 years old and in grade 8. 

I live with my maternal grandmother because my dad rejected me because I have physical disabilities in my hand and my leg. Before I came to OLG I felt so ugly, I wore torn uniforms and I was not so healthy.

I joined OLG in grade six that is three years ago. My life changed a lot, I didn’t know a computer, but now I know how to use it I love it so much. The School provides us with clean water, sanitary pads, food, stationery, and a friendly environment. I am glad I came to OLGS.

My name is Lordfick, I’m in grade 8. 

I live with my mum and my two siblings. My dad died before I was born so I have no recollection of my dad. 

I’m grateful to be at OLGS because of the general support that we receive. It has made me a better student, my character has changed due to the core virtue teaching at the School.

At OLGS we have holistic growth from sports to academic, character of social learning. I believe I am going to pass the National examination so well. I thank everyone who is supporting all of us.  We pray for all those who support us financially.

My name is Griffin. I am 19 years old.   I have been a scholarship recipient from grade one to last year when I completed my Secondary school. I scored a B+ and will be joining the university in September.  

Like any other child at OLG, I too have a story.  I was born out of wedlock and ever since my mother left me with my grandmother. I do not have any relationship with my mum, my life revolved around OLGS and my grandmother. The staff at the School are my family. When I sat for the National exams and passed, I was so overjoyed. Since January I have given back to the school.

I work with the school handyman most of the time.  We make school chairs, fixed electricity, and any job. I would not have gone to school and gotten quality grades if it were not for OLGS and the support we receive here. If not for the help of many who believe in supporting us our lives may have turned into crimes.  

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