Saint Basil Coffee Supports Schoolchildren in Kenya

Our Lady of Grace School in Kenya was able to support its students and their families during an eight-month COVID-19 lockdown. The school continued to pay teachers during this time, and the teachers, in turn, prepared and distributed food packages for students and their families every week. Not only did these efforts sustain the school community and it neighbors – they brought them closer together and created a stronger bond and more positive outlook.

Saint Basil Coffee supported OLGS with $14,000 in grants last year from the sale of fair-trade coffee, including $9,000 in COVID-19 relief, for feeding school children and funding a government-mandated classroom expansion.

Our Lady of Grace School in Kenya Teacher in Classroom
A teacher teaches the grade three classroom in Our Lady of Grace School in Kenya.

In September, students participated in a national test of knowledge retention.

Our Lady of Grace Students are:

  • ranked No. 1 out of 18 primary schools in the local district
  • ranked top 15 out of 600 primary schools in the administrative district

“Despite the poverty among OLGS families, these families are committed to their children’s education,” said Sister Jane Meyer, O.P., a board member supporting OLGS. “This is why they send their kids to OLGS.”

Our Lady of Grace School in Kenya - Ash Wednesday service
Students and teachers attend the Ash Wednesday service at Our Lady of Grace School in Kenya.

Social Justice Coffee

The school attributes its success to benefactors like Saint Basil Coffee for their continual contributions.

Education is made possible for schools like Our Lady of Grace in Kenya by the charitable acts made by you and your families. Make an impact in the lives of these students with your purchase of Saint Basil coffee today.

Our Lady of Grace School Grade Four
Grade four students learn in the classroom at Our Lady of Grace School.
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